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Simple Spell-Work and Circle Casting

Did you know that you can use your own energy to give your spells an added boost?


It's a little bit like the Law of Attraction - you set your intentions using positive thoughts, you speak your spell out loud, you reinforce it's strength by repeating it's mantra and allow the universe to do the rest. All the time believing 100% that your spell/positive thought/deepest desire has already been gifted to you/come true/is in your possession already.

That's what spell-work means to me - I'm going to show you how I work and throw in a few simple spells to get you started!

Casting a Protective Circle

The first thing you should do is cast a circle around yourself and your spell area. This is to ensure that you are separating your spell-work energy from any negative influences outside the area you are working in and to deter anything unwanted.

There are many ways in which to cast a circle of protection, and a circle isn't mandatory, but it can certainly help you to strengthen your energy and your intention for the spell you are casting. This is how I do mine:

  1. Cleanse your space: you can do this by smudging, burning incense, sound cleansing; all the usual ways you would cleanse your space. I like to sweep the area with a broom to physically sweep away any negative energy.

  2. Mark our your circle: you can do this in your head by mentally thinking about the space you are working in or, you can actually mark it out in a shape around you using candles or crystals. If you are using four elements in your spell-work you can mark out the shape of a cross, if you are using five elements you can create the shape of a pentacle.

  3. Stand in the middle of your circle and call upon the elements to assist you in your work starting with Air facing to the East. As you turn in a clockwise direction you will call upon Fire to the South, Water to the West and complete your circle by facing North representing the Earth. Although Spirit has its own point on the pentacle, I like to think Spirit is in the centre of the circle protecting me when I'm working.

  4. et your intention for each of the elements as you turn your circle of protection. For example, when starting with Air say: 'Element of Air, I call upon you' and imagine the wind whipping up around you. When you face South say: 'Element of Fire, I call upon you' and imagine the heat of the sun bearing down on you intensely. When you turn to the West say: 'Element of Water, I call upon you' and imagine the crash of the waves or a waterfall, or a gentle stream. The same with Earth, when you complete the circle facing North say: 'Element of Earth, I call upon you' and imagine the scent of the mossy Earth as you walk through a forest barefoot and imagine yourself grounded, spreading your roots underground like the roots of the trees.

  5. When you feel completely grounded and inspired by the elements, you imagine a bright white light channelling through your body from your feet to the top of your head, moving round the circle and lighting it up with energy. Then say: 'With these elements together under spirit, I cast a circle of protection above, below, within.'

Your circle is now active and you can begin your work!

Mirror Spell for Self-Love

This ritual can be performed while doing your makeup, stating positive affirmations, or even just washing your face and getting ready for the day.

MATERIALS: a marker or another item to draw on a mirror with (e.g. lipstick)

  1. Bless your mirror or consecrate it by drawing a protective sigil with moon water or olive oil on the back.

  2. In the formation of a circle, write compliments to yourself around where your face is. These can be positive affirmations like ‘I am strong’ or ‘I am beautiful’. Write these with the intention of boosting your confidence.

  3. Use the circle of compliments while doing your makeup, stating positive affirmations, or just washing your face and getting ready for the day.

  4. You can leave the circle of compliments up as a helpful spell for every time you use the mirror, or update them every time you want to redo the spell.

You Have No Power Over Me

This spell is a charm that is designed to take effect on you to allow someone’s words or negativity to affect you less. I like to use this charm to keep my energy confident and strong.

MATERIALS: bowl of water, white candle, rosemary, vanilla extract, cinnamon, thyme, necklace of your choice.

  1. Burn the white candle until wax collects.

  2. Set the necklace inside the bowl. Place it in a jar if the necklace cannot be put in water.

  3. Add wax, vanilla, thyme, and cinnamon.

  4. Stirring clockwise, chant: ‘You have no power over me’ as many times as you wish.

  5. Focus your energy on the necklace. If you can visualise, imagine yourself wearing it and the necklace creating an impenetrable white wall of energy around you.

  6. Repeat the charm when needed, and wear the necklace as you please.

Money Spell for Manifesting Abundance

This spell is for manifesting money and abundance, use it wisely!

MATERIALS: a white and a green candle (birthday candles are fine)

  1. Place a candle each side of you inside your circle so that you have one on your left and one on your right. If you are right handed, place the green candle on your left to receive the colour of money. The white candle should then be placed on your right, to amplify the spell.

  2. Light both candles and repeat three times: Money money, come to me, in abundance three times three, may I be enriched in the best of ways, harming no one on this day. This I accept, so mote it be, bring me money three times three.'

  3. After repeating the spell three times, blow out the candles and let the smoke drift off into the universe carrying your message

Don’t Forget to Open Your Circle!

Also called closing a circle is a way to release the energy you’ve built and is a way to thank the elements for their assistance.

  1. The process of opening a circle begins with you facing north to release earth and saying: 'Earth, thank you for your energy. I bid you farewell.'

  2. Next, you’ll turn to the west to release water: 'Water, thank you for your energy. I bid you farewell.'

  3. Then, you’ll turn to the south to release fire: 'Fire, thank you for your energy. I bid you farewell.'

  4. After that, you’ll turn to the east to release air: 'Air, thank you for your energy. I bid you farewell.'

  5. Finally, you’ll return back north to release spirit and the circle by saying: 'Spirit, I bid you farewell. I open this circle and release the energy back into the earth.'

If you'd like to learn more about spell-work, protective circles or any other spiritually inclined practice get in touch!

Or join us on our Samhain Fire Festival Retreat this October, where you'll have a chance to learn from other like-minded people and share your experiences. Don't miss it!

Further details can be found on our Facebook page:

Blessed be everyone! Safe practice!

Gigi xxx

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