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Simple Spell-Work and Circle Casting

Did you know that you can use your own energy to give your spells an added boost?


It's a little bit like the Law of Attraction - you set your intentions using positive thoughts, you speak your spell out loud, you reinforce it's strength by repeating it's mantra and allow the universe to do the rest. All the time believing 100% that your spell/positive thought/deepest desire has already been gifted to you/come true/is in your possession already.

That's what spell-work means to me - I'm going to show you how I work and throw in a few simple spells to get you started!

Casting a Protective Circle

The first thing you should do is cast a circle around yourself and your spell area. This is to ensure that you are separating your spell-work energy from any negative influences outside the area you are working in and to deter anything unwanted.

There are many ways in which to cast a circle of protection, and a circle isn't mandatory, but it can certainly help you to strengthen your energy and your intention for the spell you are casting. This is how I do mine:

  1. Cleanse your space: you can do this by smudging, burning incense, sound cleansing; all the usual ways you would cleanse your space. I like to sweep the area with a broom to physically sweep away any negative energy.