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February's Snow Moon 2023


Tomorrow brings an exciting and chaotic full moon in Leo that will ignite our passions and desires, as well as our individuality. This full moon is set to bring change and shifts in unexpected ways that will change the current direction of our lives for the better - if we are ready to receive.

The day before the full moon, Venus and Mars square off. Passion, desire, and aggression are themes that can come into play. Therefore, it’s important to take control over our emotions, which may be extremely hard to do.

The day of the full moon, we will experience the emotion of our hearts waking up. Uranus connects with the moon on February 5 and asks us to express our innermost feelings to the world without hesitating. Since Mars in Gemini is giving an extra push for us to state our deepest sentiments, we’ll be inclined to let them be known. Think of the energy of this full moon to act like a truth serum — everything we’ve been feeling, from the good, the bad, and the ugly is coming out.

Understandably, arguments can ensue if we don’t use the right words or are callous in our haste to make an exit out of toxic dynamics. Even though we are longing to embrace our freedom, we will want to be kind to others since Mercury in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces harmonize the following day.

No matter what’s said on February 5, the next day brings regret and apologies, which is why it’s wise to be compassionate to others as well as ourselves through the whole dramatic process.

The veil will be lifted from our eyes and we can see what change has to take place in order for us to be successful and joyful. We are ready to move forward.

What actions should take place? Don’t let self-deception hold you back. The only thing to do is to ask yourself if you are genuinely happy. If you’re not, then you know it’s time to start afresh in another direction. Honesty and self love are taking us towards our goals and we are going to be able to achieve bliss from being truthful and real with ourselves.

We must try to overcome the fear of change and growth that most of us carry deep down within ourselves. Stepping out of our comfort zones is hard because we are creatures of habit. But without transformation, things will stay the same forever. Although it can be challenging to evolve, advancement and progress are necessary elements of life. If we don’t make the change for ourselves, the universe will do it for us.

Let go and be in control of your own future, your own journey, your own enlightenment.

Photo Source: Liverpool Echo


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