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Caring for your crystals

First things first – do you have a general understanding of the mineral compositions of your crystals?

Friedrich Mohs created the Mohs Hardness Scale in 1812. He used ten stones that were readily available and began with the softest known mineral, talc and ended with the hardest, diamond, to test the hardness of all other stones.

Generally, this scale tells us how careful we need to be with our crystals, particularly when they come into contact with one another, or another hard surface. It is also crucial to know whether your crystals are sensitive to water.

Here’s the scale for reference:

Gypsums are on the very soft end of the scale and include crystals like selenite. Be careful to keep these stones dry and out of contact with other stones as they may scratch easily and can disintegrate. Smooth soft stones should be polished with a soft dry cloth.

The other end of the scale includes crystals such as quartz which is around 7 on the scale. Be especially careful with quartz as it can scratch your other stones if they are kept together.

Many of the common crystals we collect are between 4 and 6 on the scale and cannot be scratched easily – except by another crystal. This is why velvet pouches are so useful when travelling or carrying crystals with you. It’s best to treat all your crystals with extreme care.

How to cleanse and charge your crystals

Cleansing your crystals is very important, particularly when using them for healing. They can hold on to negative energy which builds up and can have an impact on their power.

Natural Water

Hard stones can be cleansed by using salt water – if you live by the sea and can do this on the shore even better! Natural water is just as good, collected rainwater or even tap water if you live in a dryer climate. Always ensure that your crystals can withstand water before cleansing this way. Most types of quartz, amethyst and tiger’s eye are fine. Generally anything ending in ‘ite’ should be treated with caution, calcite, hematite etc.

*Please don’t use this method if you are not sure of the hardness of your crystals.


The process of smudging is one where you light a 'smudge stick', often made with white sage, sometimes containing lavender, and move the smoke over and around your crystals. When the air around your crystals is full of sage essence your stones have been quickly cleansed. This method is often used by healers after using their crystals with clients.

Singing Bowl

If you’ve ever used or heard a singing bowl, possibly when you’ve meditated, you’ll know how powerfully the sounds emitted by the bowl resonate throughout the room. As the strong vibrations fill your crystals the music will drive out any negative energy harboured in your stones. This is a beautiful way to cleanse your crystals, along with your surroundings, and to instil a general feeling of wellbeing for yourself.

Full Moon Energy

The traditional way to cleanse and charge your crystals is by the energy of the full moon’s light. You can use a selenite bowl or simply place them outside on the earth to absorb the moon’s energy. Bring them in before dawn in case they are sensitive to sunlight. Moonlight will cleanse and charge your crystals, but you may want to cleanse using another method before setting them outside to charge to intensify the result.

You can also use the lunar cycles to remind you to set your intentions, cleanse and charge your crystals – the power of the full moon is evident the night before and the night after as well, so you have time!


Selenite is thought to be one of the most sacred stones on earth, it’s known for its powers of rejuvenation. Selenite can also cleanse and recharge your stones – and it doesn’t need to be cleansed or charged itself.

Selenite is extremely purifying and can absorb and neutralise unwanted energy and recharge your crystals using a high vibration. This method of cleansing is often popular due to the efficiency of cleansing and charging at the same time.

All you need to do is lay your crystals on your selenite wand/slab for a period of 24 hours to allow them to receive maximum power.

I hope that's helpful everyone - as always, if you need help with anything or you have a question do get in touch. New smudging kits and selenite wands will be available on the website in the next few days!

Warm wishes,

Gigi xxx

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