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Crystals and Bespoke Gifts
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“A beautiful eclectic mix of ideas for moon lovers and special gift hunters alike. Outstanding customer service!”

Kate Braxton


"A wonderful warm welcome to Drops of Jupiter, it's lovely to see you here!


At Drops of Jupiter you will find a unique collection of healing crystals, spiritual gifts and beautifully crafted pieces for your home and well-being.

You will also find information about our retreats, courses, and guidance that will help you to explore your own practice more deeply.


We hope you enjoy browsing."

Gigi - Creative Director of

Drops of Jupiter

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Meet the Drops of Jupiter, mother and daughter dream team!

Gigi's interest in all things spiritual began when she was very young, around seven or eight. After she visited a planetarium with school, that's when her interest really started to develop. She read everything she could about the universe, spirituality, modern witchcraft and the history of religion.

Over the years her interest has become a part of her daily life.


She's a Reiki Master Teacher, Angelic Reiki Master, Journal Therapist and Life Coach. She practices meditation every day and she loves continuing to learn about the practices of others. Her current reading material is around apotropaic magic, particularly warding, and using charms or crystals for

good luck or healing.

Gigi decided to create Drops of Jupiter as a record of her musings, to share the many beautiful things she have come across over the years - and to give others a chance to purchase some of the things she has illustrated here. In the last couple of years she has expanded the business and gone all in with her beautiful daughter Sacha!

The two of them are pictured here!

Sacha is also a Reiki practitioner and she loves anything that sparkles! She has two wonderful children and she single-handedly manages our first retail outlet in Liverpool! We do hope you like visiting the website, please be sure to hit the subscribe button so you don't miss out on new offers. If there is something you are interested in that you don't see here, do use our contact form to let us know and we'll do our very best to help!

Happy browsing everyone - blessed be!

Gigi and Sacha xxx

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