Amy Morgan

The wealth of information in this course has completely changed my perception of life and how to find happiness,

I tell everyone about it!

The fact that you become a member for life is a game changer.

Magdalena Birylo

I was a solitary practitioner before I discovered this course. Now I have a whole community to communicate with, I've made so many new and like-minded friends. There's always someone to share your experiences with.

Sue Boyle

Signing up to this club was the best thing I ever did. It has given me the confidence to make the changes in my life that I knew were crucial to my journey of self discovery. I loved every minute of the course and the VIP Group is a wonderful bonus!

Drops of Jupiter VIP: Raise Your Vibration

Lifetime Membership Club

  • Drops of Jupiter VIP

    Raise Your Vibration Membership Club
    Valid for 10 years
    • Unlimited lifetime access for the duration of the VIP Club
    • Raising your vibration
    • Living a happy life
    • Mindfulness tips and tricks
    • Meditation information
    • Witchcraft and spellcasting
    • Crystal therapy
    • Working with the moon phases
    • VIP Facebook group access
    • Monthly Zooms
    • Video content and free downloads

This membership club might just be the best thing you've ever done for yourself. Why?

Because we're all striving to find peace and happiness, we'd all like to gain further knowledge and we'd all like to make some new, likeminded friends.......wouldn't we?

For exclusive entry to this club you'll pay one access fee of £197 which entitles you to join our community and gain unlimited access to everything you see in the list here and much more - your unlimited access for the duration of the lifetime of the club also includes VIP membership of our Drops of Jupiter VIP: Raise Your Vibration Facebook Group, and weekly lives from me, Gigi, focusing on all the things you'd like to know and some of the things you've been talking about in the group. You'll also be invited to monthly 1 hour zooms so that you can meet each other and feel like a valued part of our community - which you are!

Real life face to face retreat opportunities will also be available through Drops of Jupiter and, as a VIP member, you'll receive a hefty 30% discount off any of our trips!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now, follow the path you were meant to be on,  and become part of our growing online community - we cannot wait to meet you!

Love and light,

Gigi xxx

Crystal Ball in Psychic Hands